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Online Membership Application


Please ensure you email a photo of your car (in landscape mode) to (for your membership card).


Joining Fee - $35.00

Payable by Direct Credit to Westpac Sydenham, Christchurch: 03-0866-0323804-00

Enter your Rego Number as the deposit reference

In submitting this application and on becoming a Member of the MX-5 Car Club Christchurch (the Club)  I/We:

  1. Indemnify the Club for any and all liability involving my/our participation in organised Club events which may include issued written or verbal statements.

  2. I/We are responsible for my/our own actions while participating in Club activities.

  3. I/We are bound by the Club Rules as published on the Club’s web site (copy below).

  4. I/We give our consent for the personal information as submitted to be used only within the Club for communication and records purposes


Thank you

Club Rules

Thank you​


We will get back to you shortly with further details regarding your membership application.

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